July 12, 2011

[sand, sun & sea - part 2]

The girls loved cycling so much that we decided to do another 'whole day' sunday out to East Coast park with them. This time, we were well-prepared, we brought our picnic mats, our beach toys and all the other picnic periphenalia that goes with the outdoors.
We also parked at a different portion of the ECP, although more crowded at the start, it was nearer to the Southern portion of the park, where it was much quieter and the terrain was flatter too. The best thing about it had to be our "rent 1 hr, free 1 hr" cycle deals. And to make the deal even sweeter, the bicycle shop was so nice to the girls, we first rented 2 adult bikes with child seats (as we didn't think the girls would be able to last cycling on their own for 2 hrs!), then, after the 1st hour, we swapped for 2 bikes with training wheels for each of the girls... then the last half hour, the uncle at the shop said we could swap AGAIN for bikes with no training wheels for G! So, in total, the girls had 2 bikes each to play on, PLUS G had a chance to start 2-wheeling on her own size bike! Fully recommend this bike shop - it's the one just on the right of Mcdonald's. You can't miss it!
Loving sisters - unfortunately, this does not happen very often, although last Sunday has to be record amount of time spent together not squabbling!
Checking out the ants on the ground while V tries unsuccessfully to steal a group shot with his girls.
Jeans - too small for G, too big for K - but i think she looks super cute in them!K's elaborate hairdo.
Cuddling up with K - cherishing these moments when I can still pick her up, cuddle her and snuggle close. There are no shots of me and G as she was too busy checking out the flora and fauna, didn't even want to stay still for a shot!
G on the bike with trainer wheels
K on her own bike - she said to me after this - why didn't you tell me there were bikes MY size! :) heh... she absolutely loved the independance...G with V - a daddy's rite of passage - teaching his daughter the 2 wheeler. I still remember my dad teaching me probably on the same stretch of pavement along the ECP!
K on her bike- LOVE her cheeky face!
G with V - such a big girl now!My little leopard! Climbing and jumping from up high is irresistable to her!

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