October 27, 2006


celebrate my hours with gracie (since i've been working late nights and over weekends, those hours are more and more precious)

celebrate family - we had a great dinner with everybody in the family - it was vic's grandpa's 93rd bday! lots of good food and the usual chinese family gathering...

(made him this bragbook as he is constantly asking for photos of gracie)

celebrate love - yup, it's been 10yrs since we've been a couple. just wanted to make a little something for vic, afterall, 10yrs is quite a long time! :D

ok, u gotta check out my 2peas site if you want to see the rest, cos it's just too many pages to post here! :D


michelleguray said...

awww...your daughter is so cute! i love that you made a brag book for her grandpa. those are such sweet pics. and you already know how much i love your minibook :)

Shirls said...

love the minibook and i LOVE the top Gracie has on...the brown polka dots one:) i'm so in love with polka dots now.