October 13, 2006

[teacher teacher!]

I'm starting a *trial* first class with our local online scrapbooking store - owned and managed by my very 'old' friends M&M! Do check them out at -> www.velvet-cat.com!
Here's some samples of the pages which i'll be teaching in class, as well as a brief writeup of the class itself! :D

[The Layered Look]

[What's in a name]

The continuation of these classes will be dependant on the trial class being successful, so please DO spread the word! :D


sheena said...

hey you should really do this full time! I love your stuff:)

Marr said...

so happy for you that finally you are teaching scrapbook classes! :D Awesome works and love your photos taken of Gracie.

The Velvet Cat said...


iggydodie said...

Wow ! beautiful Layouts !