October 18, 2006


john lennon's song is going through my head right now.... (have this on LP! But sadly, don't own a player any more)

Gracie's recently started to get into role play and playing with her kitchen sets! We bought them some time ago, but she never really played very long with them, preferring to pour their contents out and scatter them all over the floor. Now, she 'cooks' with them, pretending they are very 'hot', and even putting 'sauce' (black sauce!) into them and 'stirring' them around. She loves letting us try her concoctions, which can range from the banal 'chicken soup' and 'porridge', to the exotic orange pear porridge and sometimes even 'man' soup!

Over the weekend, this was what we did with a blanket and 2 chairs:

our very own architect?? :D

and Always our princess!


Shirls said...

abby does that too;)when i cook, she will cook at her little kitchen adn she will come and let me try her "chicken soup" too. of course she will blow first...lol!

michelleguray said...

hi! thank you so much for visiting my blog! it's actually kinda weird because i was looking through the hambly album and had to stop and look at your pages! i told myself that i needed to e-mail you and tell you so but i just didn't get the chance yet! you have such a great style and i'm glad to find your blog! your daughter is such a cutie!

sheena said...

hey jac! ellie has the exact same top! in read stripes too. Gap right?

jacQ said...

heh heh.... i think so! it's a body suit for 12mths - surprised she can still wear it :D