January 22, 2008

[Hong Kong DAY 01]

It was so great taking a short break over an extended weekend - i think i've to make this a quarterly thing! (if funds and babysitting allow for it! :P)
took many many pictures as usual, so this will b a visual diary :)
Day 01:
the sending off party at the brand new T3 - quite disappointing architecturally, but interesting nonetheless
G with her oversized headphones enjoying the new 777 inflight entertainment system :)
Child meal - this is the first time we're getting it and G was just thrilled to see all the treats! :)
A hyperactive kid after all that candy and attention from the flight.
finally arriving at our hotel. Definitely recommend it - excellent location. Although this will be better......
the view from our hotel
V and a very bored G
on the way from the airport, modelling her new winter clothes.

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