January 15, 2008

[thank you]

for the mention HERE all the way from France (no idea what it says, but it sounds so cool!)

for the mention HERE on my favorite design blog site :)

and thanks to everybody for always bothering to leave comments - i know it takes an effort to do so and would just like to say how much it's appreciated and how it makes me feel so much more passionate about blogging and sharing my works.

it's a rainy afternoon here and it's pouring cats and dogs - i do hope our colds get better!
remember to check back HERE tomorrow for the kit reveal!

1 comment:

Chrissy Le said...

I love your handmade items!! So beautiful! Someday I will get one! But I have to stop buying all these scrappy items first! lol. I love your planner cover for the notepads! I need one!