January 05, 2008

[right NOW]

G loves using the word "NOW". She'll say - can i watch tv? i'll go yup, after your bath, and she'll go "NOW!". Just finished reading this, which had me in tears... well, i dun want to wait for tomorrow morning to hug and kiss her and talk to her, i want to do it "NOW!" but of course i can't, although i'm really glad it's the last night i'll be spending without her sweet voice next to me chatting abt everything and nothing in particular before she falls asleep.
I had a really fruitful day today though - managed to get some scrapping and photography done while little K took her 45min power naps :)
remember these? they're little mini albums made for my very 1st customer at Etsy who's also been my most loyal and best customer to date! :) She's ordered tons more stuff and i'm happy to see them going off to her soon!

scored big time at the local haberdashery shop when i got these COOL ribbons for a steal - go on, ask me how much i paid for all 3?!? :P
my Dec SOMO dt assignments :)
p.s. btw, SOMO's doing some really cool sales right now - go check out their website - click on NEWSLETTER. All those past kits that you've been drooling over? Some of them are up for grabs! Hurry before they get all sold out.
rearranging my xmas tree decorations after the tree is packed up!
playing around with the stickers in the girls room (the large stickers are all from MM)
having a fun time in the afternoon with good friend and fellow crafter A (doesn't she look gorgeous!)
and lastly, a shot of little miss K all snuggly in her favorite carry position! :)


Mel said...

i think you look great too! :) K has really grown!

Crystal said...

Love the pics of you and the baby. She is a cutie!

lialuvsblythes said...

I agree, you look wonderful! ;)

*raises hand* I know I know I know the price of those ribbons! ooo .. lemme look at my spools first. keke

Chrissy Le said...

You are looking so good, and it's only been a few months after K was born!

vero/bermick said...

Your scrap album is beautiful... and your baby too ;)
Sorry for my english lol!!