January 22, 2008

[Hong Kong DAY 02]

DAY 02 : DISNEYLAND + CITYGATE OUTLETSWhat i love most abt hongkong is the type of food that we get to eat there - Macaroni with ham and 'polo' bun - generously laden with MSG and oil! :P YUM....
the famous Milk tea
An excited G on the way to Disneyland
street fashion - us modelling our clothes :) love the weather there! It was a cool 12-15 degrees.... great for some fall wear.
On the special disney train :)
G and her favorite cartoon characters
in front of a pretty pathetic snow white's (oops, sleeping beauty's) castle
Trying to run around
::::::::: a very happy little girl at disneyland :::::::::
G cooperated everyday by falling asleep exactly at 1.30pm so that we could have a great time shopping. If you do get to go to Hkg, you MUST visit Citygate Outlets- great shopping, cool foodcourt, just minutes away from the airport. We (or rather I) did most of our shopping here, snapping up designer togs at 70-90% the original price :)

Dinner was near our hotel - Fried Guo Tiao for V
Raw liver and sliced fish porridge.


Marie said...

nice photos! eh... its sleeping beauty castle. :p

Marr said...

I love the shot of you and G modelling. IT's so cool! Great photos taken. UURRGH How I wish I can go HK manz...hahhaha...

Chrissy Le said...

Oh man, I'm getting hungry looking at the pics! Looks like you'all are having a great time!


jacq, i SO LOVE that cream sling bag!!!!

keisha said...

i loved hk...disney was great...hot & crowded, though...i enjoyed ocean park more-did you go there??!! love all the sweet projects!!