July 16, 2008

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 for 2 pieces of commissioned artwork by a customer for her bestfriend's wedding - completed over the weekend:
the bride is a fan of 'sex and the city', the quote on the upper left reads - "ever thine, ever mine, ever ours" - beethoven
a little 'tree of life' at the bottom.
the 2nd piece is inspired by mondrian's colour blocks, the concept was to 'house' each of her favorites in each grid - the 2 guinea pigs, 1 poodle, and of course the wedding couple - silhouette with their prize scooter. 
I love the look of a painted piece of work. I remember how much time i use to spend at art classes, mixing paint, choosing the right paintbrush, pencilling the rough outline and then finally painting in the colours. There was something in the smell of oil paints, the decadence of sloshing on a huge dab of paint onto canvas, the knowledge that it's the most primary form of art. All these sentiments came back to me over the weekend, when together with my 3 yr old helper, we did 2 large wedding artworks that were delivered today :)

Little things G said over the weekend:
1. when i asked her who was her favorite friend in kindie - "mark.... because he is so cute, he will always ask me if i love him".... awwww....
2. when she was doing a #2 in the loo - "wait, lemme check and count how many poo poo i did - 1, 2, 3..... " all the while squirming about in the seat and looking into the loo - sigh, the disgustingness of toddlerhood
3. when we have our nightly pre-sleep conversations - "you know mummy, you're my favorite mummy" (me - i'm your only mummy) "but you're still my favorite!" 

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Mel said...

those are beautiful!! and G is so cute.. kids do say the darnest things huh!