July 25, 2008

[vocabulary is]

.... to know what are the words to say
Design is ..... to choose which colours to use
Digital Clock is ..... the long rectangular one with numbers on it
Irritated is .... when you don't like something
Love is ..... when you like someone very much and always kissing them
Dilly Dally is.... when you do things really slooooowly

- words as understood by gracie, age 3 yrs 4 months

Over the weekend, we visited the newly opened, award winning, Hort Park. 
It was really enjoyable, being in modern, yet not overly done up spaces.
G loved being able to play with her skipping rope. She didn't want her photo being taken, but didn't say no to her belly button being in the pictures... :)
happy smiley K, who would be content as soon as we are out of the house and car!
Map reading
posed- sibling rivalry?
G with her 2 litle ponytails and a clip. She insists on this hairdo everyday now, sometimes with 2 clips.
Love this shot of K

On the scrapping front - OA released some new lines at the recent CHA - don't you just love the fall colours!!! :) Images courtesy of Katrina Simeck's blog :

Can't wait to play with them!


Creative B Bee said...

Lovely photos! Wow! change new banner and new arrangement blog.

HIME said...

Pictures are very cute. I'm waiting to your new pages with these new amazing papers

Good scrap

Hime from France