July 06, 2008

[so grateful]

For a wonderful family and time to spend together at the national history museum:

So Grateful~
For quiet time in the car to and fro from work to continue with my crafting.....
brand new colours of blankies to add to the collection
some variations of the same fabric and felt combinations - visit my flickr site for more images of the lot....
How they look on the blankie

So Grateful~
For OA - for sending me a huge box of stuff to play with! :) 
Here's some sneaks...... 

Also, there's going to be 4 (yup! 4!!!) new lines to be debutting at CHA for OA - keep your eyes peeled! I've got 1 sneak so far - HERE.
And the previous ranges is up for sale HERE.

Finally, but with so much impact on my life ~ So grateful.....
For a brilliant post about my work to be found HERE. My flickr pal - eydie (shebrews) is so eloquent and absolutely spot on in introducing my work in her post. I am amazed and so grateful for her to be able to say what i've always wanted to say when creating the work. To put it in such a manner - "quiet loud" - brings tears to my eyes as i realise that is exactly what this is all about. Thank You!

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Coochies & All said...

Wow - congrats girl on being mentioned so well on her post!! You deserve the honour coz, like her, I also think your work is awesome and "quiet loudness" sums it all very well too! :)
elaine t