July 30, 2008

[shop update]

Some work in progress:
More lavender satchets with sayings :)
a very belated w-i-p for a camera strap
some gift bags - stamped and ready to be filled!
Finally finished up these albums to stock up my SHOP
nice leaves motif
i did a few of these - HAPPY is embroidered on the bottom left corner
more tree/leaf motifs

Posting more regularly now... hopefully once a day?


nichole said...

i am so excited whenever you post, i will take what i can get! love the new projects- so fun! i know you live far away from me, but do you get most of your fabrics at the local fabric store or do you have a place you order them? thanks again for all the great art!

Shaz said...

i love ur creations! i'm going to be in spore on 8 aug for an overnight trip. i was wondering if i could buy some items off you? ~ sharon, kl

Marr said...

OHOh!!!!! love these creations of yours. got to patronage your shop soon!

Christie said...

I LOVE 'cranky for you' LOVE IT!!