September 12, 2008

[as it were]

Somebody once said - "even though architecture is complex and full of technical issues, if there is no poetry in architecture, it will be merely construction"... It brings to mind what we're trying to do in our work, in our practice, in our general sensibilities. Also, as this blog is about my 1st and now the 2nd daughter, it is about how our work and our way of life influences their outlook and their sensibilities. Me and V have often talked about this, about how it is such that our work is so all consuming. It is not just about doing a 9-5 sort of job, it represents who we are. This is even more apparent right now, where life and work just fuses together in one big blur. Not in a bad way. I have not felt this excited about work for too long.

Our inaugral project for our firm was a little installation piece that is now opening in Venice. It is really exciting, and you can all visit it at :) There's even a portrait of us in the book that can be downloaded.

G loves being part of our work. I still remember her when she first started speaking, she will always point to us and say - Mummy Architect, Daddy Architect, and then to herself - Baby Architect. So true! We showed her the project that we have at Venice, immediately she identified it being the stump from our apartment. Also, she listened to the recordings, and asked us - that's you! Are you talking abt your work? I love that she is so involved in all the things that we do. I love that she takes an interest in what we draw, what we design. I hope this will never change.

On other notes, i've just completed 3 very different looking, yet similar bespoke bible / album covers. I love the new fabric that has just arrived! I'm currently doing more notebook covers for a shop update soon!


Pris said...

Hey! I recognise those bible covers!! And I LOVE them!

Titelaine said...

OMG!! Your creations are always so WONDERFUL!!!!!!