September 20, 2008

[little triumphs]

I had to grab my camera to take this pic - to commemorate a little triumph of G - she now brushes her teeth all by herself and this is how she looks like while doing so. Hilarious.... 
Little K is now not so little, despite the fact that she's still not taking much solid food (does anybody have a similar experience? please share, we're all starting to get slightly worried). In a rare slot of 'big sister - free' morning with K, i managed to grab these really adorable pictures....
Look at that chubby hands!
Delighted to be able to hug her sister's favorite toy.
Look at that sneaky grin..
O! and she's just begun taking her first few handsfree steps today!!! :)
This has been delivered today.
A little project with some new stuff from MWL - i love these MR mini chipboard books! So versatile and really inexpensive too! 
All the silly faces, there's actually quite a bit more
I'm interspersing these with tiny black ones plastic ones in the same shape, which i've stuck plain pps on in order to do some journalling. I'll take a pic of the completed piece when it's done!
Oops, this came out right at the end - this is how the completed embroidered photo album looks like :)

On other notes, it's always fun to read about how other crafters and fellow online bloggers juggle family, work and their craft. My favorite blogs of these fantastic working mums can be found HERE, HERE and a particularly amusing one HERE. When i read their blogs, i'm constantly amazed at how they all juggle their craft life and their mum life so effortlessly. These women are sometimes running their own business, very much like what we're doing now, except they are running them with kids in tow!


Ruth said...

Hello, delurking over here. My son is 19 months and STILL refusing solids. He is a taster - he spits out the food after he's done tasting them - and I'm past going nuts with that already.

Still trying to feed him solids but it seems he is contented with erhmm, a liquid diet. He downs cereal mixed into his milk. But not cereal as a solid. GRR.

Coochies & All said...

Hi Jacq, love your work - stunning! My 2nd one didn't take solids till he was over a year old. Till this day (he's 5 yrs old), he still eats very little, but seems to be growing well. I know how you feel, I was worried too but seeing his weight increase despite feeding on only milk and cereal made me feel better. As long as your baby is growing well, it's ok. :)
elaine t