September 27, 2008

[crafting goodness]

Inspired by this site and too many things i've bought from them :P, i've started to do some felt crafting myself. For all my cheque books and receipt books that i carry around nowadays in my mobile office - aka my handbag....
i sewed on a handy front pocket just for those spare business cards
The cover of the chequebook with a handy slot for pens
Just completed a little LO of K using the latest products from MWL - will be putting this up in the shop next week :) Do drop by to take a look!
I love the AC stickers! They go on so easily and are a great alternative to rubons.

My new fabric that arrived yesterday! :) Sooooo happy :)
Thanks A! And for the sweet little pressie for the girls too.... it was happily received, although sadly G thought the magnet was removable :P
Here's the WIP of the train applique blankie i started yesterday...
Here's the same one completed today! :) Love the little "x"s on the bottom.... heh
new stash of ribbons!

Have a great weekend :)


Coochies & All said...

Hey Jacq, what lovely fabrics you have there - gorgeous! I'm also into sewing these days, after returning from tokyo and buying quite a bit of jap fabric there. You're still buying from the same online stores you told me about previously? Love looking at your sewing projects. :)
elaine t

Jemma said...

some amazing ideas here!! great Job!

Wendy Kwok said...

hi saw your lovely fabric. May I know where you buy them from?