July 05, 2009

[happiness is.....]

2 rounds of fever later, I'm finally blogging again! (i've missed the constant blogging, reading comments, etc.... ) I hope i'm back, bar work submissions, kiddies sickness, my own fever bouts... Will definitely try to keep up on the blogging!

Here's some little snippets of little happiness:

Freshly laundered sheets, all nicely folded and stacked (and not by me!)
An afternoon of play with some craft, pegs and hanging rail
Lovely :)
Watching this little one try her hardest to wear her own shirt (she absolutely refuses any help!)

Finally wearing it! (with a little help from mommy)
A breath of fresh air - we took the kids to the playground after 2 weeks of being indoors nursing colds..
The delight is obvious
G helping K on the slides - K is a real scaredy cat, totally opposite to G, who is as daredevil as they get. She looks absolutely terrified here! heh

Love this shot V took of K, she's doing her trademark "where's mei mei?", giggling with delight whenever we roll our eyes and say "there!" She's growing up so fast now, stringing words out into whole sentences, definitely progressing into the terrible twos as she mimes out her older sister's tantrums ad verbatim, right down to the foot stomping! 

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