July 16, 2009

[sans comp - K reading]

Another day of being computer-less. I've had to wake up really early each morning so that i could complete my essential computer activities (ie - writing up proposals etc) on V's computer. The rest of my regular activities could be achieved on my iphone (ie - blog surfing, emailing, facebooking) hee.
Anyways, I think it's about time I upgraded my computer. It's been 2 years since I've bought it and i believe it's on it's last legs (how often do you upgrade your comps? Is 2 years too short a shelf life?) I really can't understand how Apple can sell it's Apple care for 3 yrs when usually it's 2 yrs max that the comps last (or feel really really slow). In anycase, mine is probably fried!
So, since I'm on V's comp, the following videos that were taken from his phone are really priceless. It's all about K talking. She can't quite pronounce S, R or C yet. And her intonations are hilarious!

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jing said...

what a lovely video. makes me a happy gal from watching it.