July 12, 2009

[weekend pursuits *many pix*]

Finally we are back on track with the blogging, doing stuff over the weekend, spending time with the girls.... Took lots and lots of pix (after backing up my HD last night and realising i've only 1 album for June!?!), here they are:
Trying to get over my lack of Mojo with some quick small cards...
You can see my love affair with Kraft continues.....
Lots of OA pps and stickers, SEI bubbles, of course the Hambly Kraft pps as background, and some forgotten 7G flocked pps. :)
G requested for some scrap goodies to play with and here's what she used them for!
Here's G with her latest craze - Roary the Racing car - all prettied up with stickers! hah....

A commissioned iPhone holder - new design with flip top cover! :)
This is how K hugs people - she's grab your neck and pull you REAL close! You can see she's using all her might to hug G here :) (eta: it looks super adorable, but when it happens at 3am in the middle of the night, it's not so cute)
All dressed up! K insisted on bringing along her little handbag
We brought the girls to the Park again this morning. This time round, we decided to rent 2 bikes with child seats. Don't know why we've never done this before! It was so enjoyable, we spent almost 1.5hrs (with playground breaks) cycling all over the park, the kids were thrilled to be on bikes, and we had some relaxing time without chasing or nagging!
K obligingly bent forwards whenever we got to an uphill portion of the terrain. She would say - "mei mei do this way, better".. mummy's groaning at each exertion must be very obvious! hee..
G sharing her ice milo with K. Look closely and you will see that she has squeezed the straw shut and poor K had to work really hard at drinking!
A face a mummy loves - delight over dinner!
K is such a copycat..... (although she did finish up quite a bit of pasta and brocolli!)
G says Aurora (sleeping beauty) looks like this
Yup, copy catting again!
We burned a CD of pics and videos for G's good friend, she said she wanted to write in the card. So here's what was written.... haha... for those who do not have 4 yr old kids, here is what it says : "the next time you come, let's play hospital! Gracie loves Giselle too"
The whole time she was writing that note, i was falling off the chair laughing. Here's the soundtrack to that notewriting:
J: okay, what do you want to say..
G: the next time you come, let's play hospital..
J: T....H.... E... N
G: Is this how you write N? The right direction? But it doesn't look like N! (i then took the pen and wrote the vertical stroke)... hmm, now it looks like a flower! MUMMY!
J: nevermind, E... X...
G: I'm REALLY good at X! u know, this is how i used to write X (see "x" above) then, now i know how to write it properly...
J: *rolls eyes* T (can you write slightly smaller, otherwise you'll run out of space)
G: Okaaaay (proceeds to write "time" really tiny)
G: how do you write Y? Look! i did the "O" with join the dots lines....
G: (writing O for hospital) - Hey! This looks like an apple! hahahaha.... let's make it an apple, Oooo and a SNAKE..... and the "T" can be a stretcher.... (by this time, i was LOL)
G: can i write "too" first?
J: but you won't have enough space for both your names!
G: *laughing hysterically* no space mummy no space!

sigh... i hope G appreciates the humour....

We then spent the afternoon making models of our new place (well, i'm making the model, K's slowly dismantling the pieces, and G was making a "house" of her own)
This is K all serious and concentrating on putting the pieces together... she was SO intent of "glue glue glue" and piecing them together!
Heh, if only they are big enough to be architectural interns! :)


Ahfat said...

OMG your gals are so cute!!! Love to read about your gals.

meta-lodestar said...

gosh! I miss the 2 gals, happy to see that they're up and about! Nice iphone cosy too :) *hint hint* haha...

Amelia said...

The Aurora (sleeping beauty) photos are SO cute! Hope you do a layout with them '=)