July 09, 2009


Sigh, I typed up the entire blog post, then Internet connection was lost so here it goes again (abridged version - which was truncated.... sorry!) :

When I was expecting G, I was determined to embark on the whole natural bfeeding, wholesome food journey with her. Of course, what I didn't know was how bfeeding wasn't a natural process as i assumed. O! how we struggled..... No amount of reading and researching prior to the birth could prepare me for the journey from nonparent to being a parent! The feelings of helplessness, of inadequacy, of guilt, of generally not being able to satisfy this curious little being that was so easy to carry for 9 months in my tummy, but as soon as she's out, relentlessly demanded our attention. It was a nightmare both adjusting to being a new mummy and to 'learn' the whole process of bfeeding.
But we did it! I'm really lucky that both my girls relished and really loved milk, they would look forward to each feed and have never turned me down before! It was a joy to bfeed them, the feeling of fulfillment and pride at being able to nourish those small babies, watching G grow from a spindly newborn to a chubby exhuberent 2, 3 month old baby.
With K, the whole journey of bfeeding was infinitely much more carefree. There wasn't the constant monitoring of feeding times, no obsessive weighing of the baby every other day, no recording of the feeding time (including which side she fed on!) in the little notebook. With all the attention on helping G adjust to her little sister, it was just feeding on demand for K. It worked like a dream! Either K was a less needy baby than G, but the whole after birth experience was so much more relaxed and definitely zero stress on the bfeeding part. Amazingly, K bfed for 20months, compared to 10months with G.
Now that she has weaned, while I relish the liberation of not having to feed her before bedtime, the ability now to wear 1-piece dresses (haha, only bfeeding mums will understand!), the hope that she can do sleepovers now at my parents (hee!).... I really really miss the warm feeling of a dozing baby cuddled close. And i think K misses it too.. she will wake up in the middle of the night, crawling over to me and crying piteously for milk. It's Day 03 of no 'mama's milk' and she's slowly adjusting to taking a bottle. Let's hope she'll stop waking in the middle of the night soon! :)


BabyBokChoy said...

Hi Jacq, just have to chime in here, BF'ing is hard work! especially for full time working mothers :) kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi JacQ

Would like to find out from you ... how do you feed purely on demand? Do you need to express any excess milk? I'm struggling with a newborn who is sleepy most of the time and I get engorgement when I dont pump out the milk. But pumping actually results in even more milk being produced. :(

Thanks a lot!

jacqyeo said...

Hi Sharon!
Hmm, i know that G and K were very sluggish when they were newborn too.... like all things, it's a phase they had to go through. Try not to pump too much (just enough to ease the engorgement) Or just pump to freeze the milk.
Good luck!

Gladys said...

Hi Jacq

Reading this blog brings back memories! My elder gal fed for about 9 months before she had a taste of "real" food and refuse to take breast milk :P

Well I am still breast feeding my younger gal, coming to 20months now and I definitely still treasure the moments even though eveyrone around me has been asking "so when are you weaning her?" Let me enjoy some more please :P