February 27, 2009

[car wash]

here's the promised video of K washing her "car". She did this for about 20min!

heh. so cute. :)

February 26, 2009

[super strong!]

Heh, we found this video of G when she just turned 3 ...... watch it, there's a little surprise midway, cracked us up! :)

we also found another video of K washing her car - heh.... like father like daughter?

February 24, 2009


I torture myself! yes, i have about 150 blogs on my bloglines that i read voraciously and get super stressed out when the unread posts number the near 500s! (like when i go on holiday.. heh). One of my favorite features on the iphone is ibloglines - which makes catching up on my daily inspirations so much easier! :)
The fun thing about inspiration is that it can strike from all sources. My bloglines categories are divided into - crafting, motherhood, shopping, clothes, architecture, travel, friends and scrap!
So anyways, here are some results of all that blog-hopping:
Finally caved in a bought a custom brush from HOUSE OF 3. Been playing around with it and it's fantastic! :)

so many possibilities!!! :)
making tags for G's goodie bags :)
found this image from the web - an idea has been brewing in my head for awhile now. It will be inspired by this poster.

February 22, 2009

[as promised]

I managed to complete another range of more girly onesies and bibs yesterday.

Whimsical dancers on a terry bib
the same set on a pink striped onesies
does this look like an acorn?
Experimenting with new packagingNew birth announcment cards
I made them in pink and aubergine too.
Also, I had some time to experiment with goodie bag contents and design for G's 4th birthday next month. I've decided to do a TOTAL handmade goodie bag this year for G's bday (every year i say that but cop out at the last minute!!) so, hopefully this year i'll be able to carry through all my ideas :)

Here's what i'll be putting into the lunch pail.....
It's a little sketchbook held together by teeny weeny clips and a fridge magnet (i'm trying to do a step-by-step instructions of the magnet, so watch out for it!) We're also planning to bake cookies and these will all be going into a custom "Baby2go" packaging box! :)
K in a new (old) dress :) See G in it HERE.
G loves grabbing K for a groupshot
love her fullfaced smiles!
Also, managed to complete some LOs before the troops all woke up.... This photo is of V and G having a mock conversation on their respective cellphones. :) Heh.... see how serious they look!
This are the pics from our trip back to malaysia earlier this year.
You can see i'm purging my scrap supplies! :)
Love her goofy looks :) It's a lot of stuff on that page!
Lastly, i managed to also complete my notbook collection:
all designs are different, slowly uploading on my flickr page.
Yay! The sense of accomplishment after creating all these make getting up at 430am all the more worthwhile!! :)

p.s... as i type, K is busy transferring all my red buttons from the button container into the pockets of my shorts.. lol.....

February 20, 2009

[BABY2GO.etsy is up!!!]

I'm opening the doors to the online shop officially NOW!!! :) I'm also sending out newsletters to all that are on my newsletters list, but if you're not and you would like one, please let me know by leaving a comment!

So, in anticipation of listing at the shop, i'm putting up all the pics here as well (it's much faster!).
These are a selection of the items that will be slowly put up on sale onto the etsy shop.
newborn onesies. These are super tiny and absolutely adorable! :)
Yup - it says so on the ribbon!

I love the kitty!
These are 3 of a set - they can be bought together or separately.
The bib:
The kimono top:
Another set - ish :
This kimono top has a really cool waffle weave
Lest anybody will find the onesies and bibs too girly, i made the following with little boy in mind :This fabric has the coolest illustrations of boy toys ever!
Here's how it looks like. At the moment, it's on a 18-24 mth old onesies. Of course, all patterns are fully customisable to any size from newborn to 24mth old. :)
Thanks for all the nice comments! They are really appreciated!!!

Stay tuned for another batch of new clothes coming up in the next few days!

February 18, 2009

Preparing for the BIG LAUNCH

Heh..... just as i'm beavering away for my little product launch (remember my ongoing project?), there's a HUGE HUGE giveaway happening at the October Afternoon blog! Go there NOW for some chances for big giveaways!!!!

Okay, but since it's my blog, i'm back to introducing my own little project. I've had this little idea in my head for quite awhile now, you know how it's so difficult to find the PERFECT little pressie to celebrate the birth of a newborn? And how even though the pressie might be really nice, there's still this niggling thing about the packaging (usually store bought and not terribly inventive). Do you wonder if there is another way to go about present giving? (or is it only me :P)

Anyways, i've thought long and hard about it and would like to present my new little venture. The ForTheRecord label has been with me for quite awhile now, and although the etsy site has had it's share of traffic (and have even been on the front page for a few times), i think the merchandising there lacks a certain LOOK, a certain Ooomph? So, i'm segregating my products into 2 main categories. ForTheRecord will stay as it is, which is a place to put in all the crafty goods that come out from things that my little girls say / do. This new website / shop will specifically be about BABY stuff. :)

So, after that lengthy preamble, you want to see the pics don't you!
This arrived this morning. I have now 10 of these curiously architectural towers in my hallway!Each of them transforms into a little takeaway carton! INTRODUCING .... (drumrolll)..... BABY2GO!
Each of these will contain little morsels of Love, packaged and presented perfectly in a little takeaway box.
Open them up, there are onesies, bibs, kimono tops etc, all lovingly handembroidered by yours truly.
The whole packaging.... :) But wait, there's more!
A coordinated card that arrives with the pressie.
Perfect for those little details :) or the inside could also be left blank for your own congratulatory notes.

All packed up and ready to be shipped!Okay... PHEW! That was a super long post.
Please bear with me while i get all the pictures up on the ETSY site. For now, if you would like to ask any questions, please let me know in a comment. Otherwise, you can also email me at babyTWOgo@gmail.com

Posting more pics soon!