September 14, 2006

[when 2 worlds collide]

With an energetic 18 month old, everyday is a list of accomplishments with her physical skills. Not only can she walk, she's running everywhere, skipping across the grass, climbing up and down the sofa and bed! Even more amazing is to see her develop intellectually.

Just last night, we both witnessed a little spark that goes off in Gracie's brain when she grasps the concept of something. It was a jigsaw game that Auntie Chengee gave her some time ago. The past few months, she's been able to identify the 2 different parts of the puzzle that fit together, but has never been able to fit them together herself. It was just last night that she understood the positive and negative of the puzzle worked together, and that you needed to lay them down on a hard surface like the floor or table to fit them together properly. It was a joy to see her feel so happy to accomplish the task and to do it at high speed over and over again! :D

* photos taken last weekend when we visited the national museum new extension.

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