September 25, 2006

[teddy bear teddy bear, i am sick; call the doctor quick quick quick]

remember the children's game we used to play? this post is all abt parenting woes ...

It's only when we have our own children that we understand much more about our own childhood and the way each of us have been brought up. Last weekend, we visited the zoo again but what marked this visit was that Gracie had a fall and grazed her knee. Perhaps because of my own experiences growing up, i didn't really react in an overly concerned way. I feel that falls and grazes are all part of the process of growing up, not to be too fawned over and protected, as that defeats the purpose of them learning through the process. Vic thinks i'm slightly too extreme, as gracie is afterall just 18 months old, and she was practically screaming her head off when the antiseptic was applied to the open wound. Maybe i am.... and i do realise that she is still afterall a wee baby, so i did capitulate and give her all the cuddles and kisses and basically make her feel like the princess that she is. I realise that being parents, we are constantly learning new things. More importantly, we might disagree about certain parenting styles, but eventually, i hope we stand united as a solid foundation that gracie can rely on. We are also discovering more about each other, which i feel really contributes to us being closer as a couple.
It's just been a day since her fall, and already Gracie has forgotten all about it, and is skipping, running and hopping about like she does everyday. :D

Here's some pics of our sweet little princess:

running with joy

one, two, buckle my shoe

soap and bubbles - o what fun!

catching the bubbles

pure magic

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Ruey said...

am totally loving your new photos!!!! Sooo many lovely pics to scrap!!!