September 03, 2006

i LOVE weekends!!!

Yup, another 2 days gone by! Time always seem to past by so fast when it's the weekend. Anyways, it was a really good weekend, did so many things in 48hrs ~ had a great dinner at ml's (thanks for the fantastic spread sp); cropped, shopped and yakked at TVC; finished a good book (thanks ps); finished a baby gift for a friend; made some progress with my wedding album; started (again) on the donut poof for gracie's room (gotta get stuffing - anybody knows from where??)... hmm,and yes! visited the zoo :D *and made muffins as well!*; learnt a new song from cbbc (boom boogie woogie); got reacquainted with my piano ~

so, here's some of my fav pix:

lately, gracie has been saying this before she sleeps:
mammie-kool. daddie-kool. pi pi-kool. miao miao-kool. *heh* we're all cool! :D

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Tst tsk....