September 09, 2006

[SAHM -wannabe]

It was a lazy friday afternoon. I had a lot of fun playing SAHM to gracie. It was great fun experiencing gracie's everyday activities with kong kong and por por. We sat on a bus, played with slides in the indoor a/c playground (great place for kiddies!), took her evening stroll with her - including visiting all the houses on the route with dogs or cats in them! Gracie loved showing me all the things she does during the day, she definately seemed really happy to have me tag along! She's such a big girl now, and i love how she holds her own conversations with us. Right now, the 3 top favorite things are - Miao Miao; Buttons & Pens. :P


Ruey said...

Loving your blog heaps Jacq.....Gracie is super adorable...I want to chub those cheeks of hers!!! Love your photos of got lots to scrap on now!!

jacQ said...

thanks dear! heehee, yup, the problem is too many pix and no time to scrap!!! Arrrgh... :P