September 16, 2006

[guest appearance...]

first off - the guest appearance of gracie's double eyelid on her right eye. When she was born, she didn't have any double eyelids at all. I think the left eye started to develop a double lid when she was around 6months old. When she's very sleepy, her right eye sometimes makes a guest appearance with the double lid. Right now, it's
been happening for the past few days, ever since she's got the flu. I hope it's here to stay!

next - how did she ever get such nice wavy hair! As far as i know, i had a whole thick shock of hair as a baby, never so fine and definately not wavy! Vic also had very little hair as a baby. But wow, look at gracie's curls! They are breathtakingly gorgeous (ok, this is my biased opinion as her mum :P) and they look especially pronounced just after waking up from her nap! :D

second last - a little game that vic invented - sticking buttons between toes. It's something gracie loves doing - combining both her favorites - TOES & BUTTONS.. lol. She gets hysterical when we put buttons in between our toes too. :P

lastly - guest appearance - 2 guests to be exact. Yuta and Erika came by this afternoon for a little play date with gracie while me and jas caught up on our business -> my kids party

O and vic's gone to Korea for work for the next few days, so it's moving house time to camp over at mum & pa's :P

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