September 18, 2006

[missing u]

how do you explain to an 18th month old what it means to be overseas?
Gracie really misses daddy, mostly late at night, just before her bedtime. Tonight she asked me again where is daddy? I replied - he's working in Korea. I think she's starting to put all the pieces of the puzzle together - here's what she said -
see you! BYE!

lol... dunno if that means she understands? But it is really fun talking to her nowadays. She will repeat conversations i'm having over the phone. and she's started to link words up. her double words lately -
clever girl (when she gets a puzzle right)
clever baby
clever mummy (sometimes)
blue mummy (when i'm wearing blue)
walk here
sit here
come on!
one boo boo (her bolster)
mummy's 2 peee-low! (all joined up - like one word)

cracks me up! :D


Shirls said...

don't you just love the way they talk? abby says "silly woman" to me sometimes!!! but i like it when she says "mummy's pretty"

jacQ said...

wahaha.... abby is too cute! i better go teach gracie to say pretty mummy too :D at the moment she says 'pretty' after i change her and goes to look into the mirror! *rolls eyes*

The Velvet Cat said...

Wahaha.. did Gracie say mummy 2peas?!? hahaha.