September 09, 2006

[playschool trial]

gracie went for her 1st playschool trial day on friday. It was a momentous occassion, not for gracie - she just happily played with all her new friends! - but for me. I was commiserating with the other mom waiting for her child in the same playschool - it's not really a trial day for the kiddies, more for the mummies! We all have the same anxieties- will she be happy, will i be guilty, will it be the right thing to do. I must admit, gracie didn't really miss me very much - she looked for me a few times, but mostly was quite happy playing with the other kids or listening to a story being read to her. I was really impressed that she actually follows instructions, even things that she normally doesn't do at home - like pack up and put away the toys - she does without a word of complaint or a whine!

Here's some pix of the fun times - i felt like paparrazi snapping these shots without her seeing me!


making dough cakes

bubbles for gracie

sigh..... no more a baby? :P


Sri said...

Nice pix, Jacq!

Anonymous said...

didn't know ur dd could b sooo cute and obedient...