September 01, 2006

life is a balance

been very busy at work lately, hence the inertia to update my blog. Also, life's been pretty low these few days.

so, just to remember the little things of which i'm grateful for today-
1. gracie - she makes me smile the moment i open my eyes and hear her call out 'mammie'
2. family - my mom and dad crack me up everyday with their mundane msn conversations. vic being always there - i love our quiet breakfast moments.
3. friends - wat will i be without them: my daily friends - the funny emoticons are great cheer me uppers; the overseas friends - who drop that occassional postcard and phonecall; my forever friends - whom i can't stop talking with once we've gotten started.
3. scrapbooking - the whole creative adrenaline when i create a page. And of course the immense pride when people leave nice comments about them.

here's to finding that balance in life!


The Velvet Cat said...

how.. your pics make me very gian a DSLR!

Shirls said...

found you!!!! lol. gracie is such a cutie:)