August 21, 2006

the battle of the cameras

Pros -
8 megapixels
Richer colours
Maximum compatibility with printer
Free printer in bundle
Cheaper by around $300
Lighter and more compact

Cons -
Entry level Lens
Sharp annoying shutter click sound
Smaller LCD screen
Plastic body
No memory card given

Pros -
Better quality lens and motor
Better quality graphite body
Light metering option
Nice shutter click sound
Free 2GB memory card
Free Bag & UV filter lens

Cons -
6 megapixels
Heavier body
More expensive
No printer in bundle
Older model


heeheee... call me superficial, but the grip and sound and feel of the Nikon made me choose it above the Canon! :P I have been having so much fun with it, learning all about apertures and shutter speeds.
Here's some pictures i took while there was still daylight on Sunday:

pardon the unsightly pose of the sleeping daddy in the background. :P


twosweetkids said...

ohh I can't wait to see the photos taken with these! Congrats!

tor said...

waaaaaaaaaaaa congrats! new camera!
nice la the one you got:p
take more pics!

i am still eyeing on this one

Ruey said...

oh wow...gorgeous camera and gorgeous pics!!! Can't wait to see more pics with it!

clarii said...

wow new camera!!! im drooling over your camera :D

Brenda-Mae said...

WOW! wish i could have me one too! can't wait to see more photos!

Marr said...

kekekeke... good for you that you got the camera that you love! :D

Heee. me.. chose the EOS350D over the nikon. due to the CMOS lar! :P

here's a few of the pictures taken with my Digital Rebel XT, :D
Louis Koo and Seth's fotos.