August 03, 2006

The Life of Mami

A follow up to the previous post, this is a simple LO i did of my mum and me.
Journalling reads : I was just a tiny tot then, about the same age as gracie now. i look back at the past 30yrs together with great fondness. the happy moments have far surpassed the sad and angry moments. i have often wondered about mum's life, about her dreams at my age, about her work, how she juggled work life and home life, about her happiness, about her sadness. could it be, she wanted the same things for me as what i want for gracie, to have a life worth living, to be happy, to be always loved, to know extreme joy, to learn from extreme sadness. to bring about joy and laughter, to be gracious, to be unique, to have fun. I love you.

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