August 07, 2006

fireworks and nature walks


how do you keep a 17-month old toddler occupied over the weekend? We constantly try to expose gracie to new environments and new experiences. This weekend, we headed down to the bay to catch the Fireworks Festival! It was really good fun, although i must say the drive back was pretty torturous (can somebody tell me why the CTE is always jammed???). Gracie loved the fireworks - "flower" & "stars" were her description of it! Plus "boom boom" and "works" when shown the video the following day. Also took a drive to the West coast of Singapore to spend some 'back to nature' time at Labrador park. I must say it was very enjoyable! Even though we had to pick her up when she fell over a few times, i think gracie quite liked the outing. Posted by Picasa

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shemah said...

Just came back to catch the fire works!!!So pretty eh hehehe...