August 14, 2006

the Velvet Cat - launch party!

So so happy for Lina and Lisa - great friends of mine from WAY back.... :D
It's just so cool that they followed their hearts and went all the way to start up this really cool scrapbooking store!! I love the way the online site looks, love the stuff they have brought in. Only thing is - I have a strange feeling my wallet is about to suffer from now on.... heh.

here's something i made at the launch party :

o, ellie by the way is sheena's daughter - and the 'w' stands for Wong.


sheena said...

love what you have done with ellie's pics. should have passed you more!!

The Velvet Cat said...

This is great! :)

Ruey said...

oooh...this is absolutely beautiful...and mega 'i need a bib' drool over the dragonfly stamp!!!