August 07, 2006

small talk

Finally had some time over the weekend to do up gracie's room a little bit more. We bought the pretty red chair from Ikea, and moved the chinese chest from our bedroom into gracie's room. She's been having a lot of fun drawing on her huge roll of paper (she can just about sit properly on her chair). I love the way she's really starting to communicate really well with us.
Conversations run something like this:
Gracie: draw draw draw. Sit!
Mummy: Gracie, dun draw on the floor! wat did mummy say?
G: Draw draw draw! (while drawing on herself)
M: hey!
G: *cheeky smile* Draw, PAPER! (runs to draw on her paper)

1 comment:

twosweetkids said...

So nice! :) I am sure gracie will love her new room.