September 13, 2007

[34 weeks and counting down!]

This will be a pretty self indulgent post :) it's one of those days......
First off, a pictorial record of what i look like now - HUGE right? Can't believe i've another 6 more weeks to go. The baby might think otherwise, as according to my Gynea, i'm going through a mild gestational diabetic phase right now, which means totally NO sugar (yup, no wonder i'm depressed!) and she thinks most likely i'll be induced before my EDD. I'll know in a couple of weeks time, when i go for my next checkup. :) How exciting! This means even MORE nesting... heh heh....
A totally self-indulgent LO - used all my new stuff, love love love the HS block stickers!!!
I got that little black tag from Etsy - isn't it cute?
My very first 6x12" LO - i know how it's all the rage now, but i haven't jumped onto the bandwagon as yet! But, now i've done it, i kinda like the size - it's something abt the slimness in proportion that appeals :)
Close up of all the "rubons" that G did!

*other news - so excited that the full review for the DT gallery at Label Tulip will be up this saturday!! :) I've dug into my stash and so far have completed 2 and a half projects :) Can't wait to get home to complete the other LOs.

Also, i've been asked to produce a little something for another kit club (it's still a bit hush hush now, so i can't say yet) BUT, it's got lots of yummy stuff that just came in the post today!! :)

My fabric stash from HERE has arrived!!! nothing like new fabrics to make my day!
(thanks F for bringing it all the way up north!)


Scrappermania said...

Beautiful LO!
Felicidades por las 34 semanas!

Yu'er said...

great LOs as usual!

*~*Amber*~* said...

So amazing. Id love to see you self scrap more!!! xoxo
and G's rubs skillz... amazing!

Marie said...

Very very sweet!! Love all the pages and look at the baby belly!! So cute!

Anna Sigga said...

You look amazing girl and your layouts are fantastic!!