September 30, 2007

[new lines]

Some more embroidered albums. I'm so happy that it's so well received - the sales over at my etsy shop have been great :) Thanks so much for the support!!

I've been fascinated with the way the machine stitching forms a backdrop of lines to complement the handstitches.

Work in progress: I've been encouraged and motivated to start off another range. This time in a different size and perhaps a different stitching pattern... I've no idea yet, but it's what i'm working on this weekend.

Will post the outcome over the week.

On the pregnancy front - it's been a wonder that Baby #2 hasn't made an appearance yet. We were so sure she'll be out over the week. But nope, she's pretty comfortable in the tummy! So, after yesterday's doc's visit, we're going to try to hold out for another week (until i'm 38wks), next saturday will be when we'll decide if she'll b induced - that's if she doesn't come out over the week! So, it's back to normalcy - but at least i won't be going into the office next week! :)


Anonymous said...
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Boriquaz said...

I love your books and how creative they are. My baby didn't want to come out till the 39 almost 40th week, man that was a long time haha. I just found your blog so congrats for the upcoming baby!!

Marr said...

hey, love this new covers. :) Well done. So really going to be The TIME!! hee...