September 25, 2007

[shop update]

Thanks A for getting one of my embroidered albums! :) I always feel really amazed that people would want to purchase one of my works.... and i would love to hear what you think about them once you receive them! She also gave me a fantastic plug on her website - thank goodness i've just updated the shop!
Go HERE to see the latest albums in the shop.... i think i should start taking better pictures :P

In other news, the doc has said that the baby is super eager to be out and since i'm already 3 cm dilated, she might be here anytime now!


Mel said...

ooh, so exciting!! all the best with baby!

Pandachu said...

Hi there I just wanna say I think ur album covers n other craft creations are absolutely spectacular. Absolutely admire the fact that u manage to squeeze in time for crafting n scrapbooking despite being a architect and mummy!

Irene said...

Hi, may you have a smooth delivery and remember to post your newborn pictures here. :)

caro said...

did I see theses on MM idols!
I think this is fantastic work.
Good luck with baby.

Sadly - the link has expired & so, if at all possible, I would love to get a copy?

All the best

jacQ said...

thanks for all your comments! :) Caro, please let me know your email address so that i can send you the pdf :)