September 12, 2007


onto French Knotting! :) Ever since stumbling across these pictures on Flickr, and they are so superbly vibrant and great that i've been totally blown over. I'm now doing French knotting on all my fabric covered albums (will do another pic update as soon as the weather permits better pictures!)

I'm always excited to see any of my DT sites having new stuff, so here's the link to the new OA DT announcements - Congrats to everybody that's made it! I know it must be a real hard decision and can't wait to 'meet' and know all of you! :); some Sneaks of the new kit at LabelTulip (i just got mine in the post today - it's awesome!!!)

Other news - G is now totally 'diaperless' in kindie - there was a little 'accident' this morning, but i'm real proud that she's now only wearing her diapers during the night :)

Also scrapped last nite with G, will post the pics of those real soon!


Marie said...

I was just trying to do the french knot last night for my cupcakes and I have not been able to master it since i was a child!! What is wrong with me lol! Its so wonderful when kids go diaperless! Great job G!

Mel said...

yay for G! those french knots look lovely. My blog friend has a very interesting knot too, check it out at

Natasja said...

Thanks for that congrats, can't wait to work with this great team and to "meet" them!!!