September 02, 2007

[lots of updates!]

I've been wanting to update my blog, but keep falling asleep as soon as we get back home! lol..... owell, better late than never! So, here's the pictorial diary so far:
These 2 are going to be posted off tomorrow .. boohoohoo.....
But i've just made these!!!

Go HERE for more pics of these albums after my shop update tonite! :)
my dear sil graduated last thurs! :) Doesn't she look cute in that gown and hat?

Teacher's day pressies :) G did all the rubons - it's a great way to recycle the remnants of my HS chipboard alphas...

There was a carnival at the last day of school and i was the official handpainter!
Lots of games for the kiddies :)

Also, i had a great time yesterday cropping with F and IG! We broke into our SOMO kits and i was super 'hardworking'! Completing 3 LOs, 1 postqer and a card by the end of the day! :)


*~*Amber*~* said...

What awesome crafty goodness... you amaze me w/all that stuff girl!!! Awesome pics... Congrats to the SIL!!!
And G is just too cute... (so are you lovely);)

Karla said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! she is so beautiful while graduating! :)

It is sooooo good your left your love at my place. I had came here right before I was going to take my little boy to school. So I scrolled down and was like WHAT?????? Girl your ART is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I honestly could not believe beautiful! just HAVE to try out those album techniques...or blog them...or air them on Martha! :)

Ok...enough babbling! Have a fantastic day honey,

kristin said...

your albums are gorgeous!! love every detail of them. and congratulations to the graduate :)