September 30, 2007

[new lines]

Some more embroidered albums. I'm so happy that it's so well received - the sales over at my etsy shop have been great :) Thanks so much for the support!!

I've been fascinated with the way the machine stitching forms a backdrop of lines to complement the handstitches.

Work in progress: I've been encouraged and motivated to start off another range. This time in a different size and perhaps a different stitching pattern... I've no idea yet, but it's what i'm working on this weekend.

Will post the outcome over the week.

On the pregnancy front - it's been a wonder that Baby #2 hasn't made an appearance yet. We were so sure she'll be out over the week. But nope, she's pretty comfortable in the tummy! So, after yesterday's doc's visit, we're going to try to hold out for another week (until i'm 38wks), next saturday will be when we'll decide if she'll b induced - that's if she doesn't come out over the week! So, it's back to normalcy - but at least i won't be going into the office next week! :)

September 28, 2007


Wow... sorry for posting AGAIN... but i just had to share THIS!!
So totally blown away to be featured in this website!!!

[wedding commission]

This is the 1st time i'm doing a wedding picture commission. Must say that i seldom do this - heh heh. even my own wedding pics are not getting anywhere :P The only ones i did are HERE, but it's not much. I keep having the intention of getting them all printed and making them into a minibook, but that has been procrastinated out of schedule for the longest time! (maybe during my confinement?) Anyways, here's the gorgeous NC & KL (thanks for letting me post this and i had great fun making it!) Hope she likes it :)

On other notes, there's been lots of disgruntledness abt plagiarism through the blogging world. At the risk of sounding really whiny, i really detest people that go about taking my original ideas and posting them on their own blogs, all the while disguising them as their very own brainwaves! It is totally wrong to not only NOT acknowledge the inspiration, but to then pass it off as your own is just not on in my book....
There's a great article HERE all about it, and i love the optimism behind the message!

September 27, 2007

[instructions again]

Sorry for all of you who've been trying to download the instructions! :P Just realised that the link expires in 7 days.... So, here it is again for those who didn't manage to download in time.


A's husband did some really cool effects to G's pictures from our photo swap.. here's what they're like! :) love the contrast - i'll be scrapping these soon!

Check out her BLOG for the fantastic LOs she did for me!!!! :)

September 25, 2007


Today's mid-autumn, traditionally filled with mooncakes, sipping chinese tea by the full moon, watching the little ones carry their lanterns all around the garden. Ok, that's the movie version. heheh... in real life - we have battery powered lanterns that play the ghastliest music, still wonderful mooncakes (but i can't indulge this year... sigh..) running around trying to stop the little ones from snatching each other's lanterns. O, but the nostalgia of my own childhood, the pyronetic in me have always loved the anticipation of lighting up the lanterns, and subsequently carrying it all around the estate with the other kids :)
That's me today!
Happy mid - autumn everybody! :)

[shop update]

Thanks A for getting one of my embroidered albums! :) I always feel really amazed that people would want to purchase one of my works.... and i would love to hear what you think about them once you receive them! She also gave me a fantastic plug on her website - thank goodness i've just updated the shop!
Go HERE to see the latest albums in the shop.... i think i should start taking better pictures :P

In other news, the doc has said that the baby is super eager to be out and since i'm already 3 cm dilated, she might be here anytime now!

September 23, 2007

[crafts over the week]

I've managed to complete 4 more fabric album covers over the week :) Been experimenting with using different colours for the backing, and i love the linen combinations with the patterned fabric :) Here are the pics of the ones that i've done :

backing colours :)
little house and embroidered tree

'love' leaf stitches

flowers and crown

Very into circles... this one was with both hand embroidery and machine stitching

O! and yesterday was good mail day :) Received the most wonderful RAK package from E.... THANKS soooo much girl, you made my day......
AND! My sept DT SOMO kit came as well - always eye candy and so fun to play with! just had to get into the project - managed to complete 2 projects in one night :)

September 18, 2007

[my crazy family]

i'm lucky enough to be married to a person that loves clothes shopping even more than i do! so, here's what we sometimes do at home -
pose with new pair of jeans.. heh heh.... but wait.. there's more:
this little one decides she wants to do a little bit of that posing too!
lol..... so funny i just had to post them up!

[A good mid-week.....]

is when you've got....
a photo swap LO done for my cyber girlfriend A!! :)

Together with the LO are some goodies in a little mooncake tin :)
Plus some japanese craft books just for fun!
Here's some from my fabric stash - no more excuses about not sewing!! :P
My favorite part of the packaging - how an old AC packaging becomes a new one! (it's not an original idea - i got it off somebody's blog, but i forgot who now :P)

Other things that are going on now:
Rearranging my ribbon stash - so satisfying!! :) And don't they look so pretty together?
Work in progress for more fabric covered albums.

Love the little house one.... i'm so inspired by this little etsy shop...

September 16, 2007

[always excited...]

when the new gallery goes up :) go HERE for some awesome eye candy.... :P
Here's what i did with the gorgeous LT september kit :

On the home front - we (or rather, V) has set up the cot!! :) so exciting - but the size of the mattress doesn't fit yet. :P G's a bit wary about what's the baby going to be like, she keeps asking if 'mei mei' is going to cry all the time. O, and incredibly, i've grown even Larger!!

[step by step]

Thanks for the advice on uploading the pdf. Doing what Greta suggested :)
I hope it's done right - anyways, go HERE to get the file.

September 15, 2007

[as promised]

Here's what i did with the Red Velvet Kit :) Go HERE to purchase the kit! For the step by step tutorial, i'm going to try to post a downloadable pdf if i can figure out how to do it (anybody knows? please leave a comment if you do!)