June 15, 2008

[blogging break]

Sorry for the long break between blogs! Sometimes this blogging thing comes really easily and the posts just flows out quite quickly. Other times, like now, i'm constantly thinking of things to blog about, and there are MANY pictures! But.... somehow, there is this inertia to do so! :P Anybody out there with the same experience?
Anyhow, no pics today, but i'll be HERE holding my 2nd street booth if anybody is interested in popping by to say 'hi'!

Promise i'll post a post with pics real soon :)


Tammy James said...

Yes Jac I am exactly like you with the blogging inertia!

Mcspannar said...

Yeah, I am not the only hopeless blogger. But big :((s to missing the booth yesterday. How dome I always hear about these things the day AFTER the fact. Can't wait for the meet up on the 23rd. :D

Marr said...

geez. I am one as well. Too many pictures. so many things to jot down about my darlings milestone. but sometimes, when it comes to blogging them down, seems to be so lost for words.

Amelia said...

Hey Jacq, how was the street booth experience? I also wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my blog with a meme, please check it out and share a little about you! Hugs to your little ones.