June 24, 2008

[street fair]

this is the stall - i loved setting it up and putting my little stall up! (yup yup, you can tell 'masak masak' (that's playing house in malay) was my favorite game as a kid!)
all set up and ready to sell!
me and my first sale! Customised blankie for L's sister's friend! :) i hope she likes it!
Dearest L - one of my greatest and sweetest supporter :)

A big thank you for all friends and family that visited my little store that was up the last 2 weekends. I think it'll probably be the last time i will be actually putting up a physical store - it took too much effort and sadly, the sales and exposure do not really make up for all that time spent manning the store! (good thing i had really good stall partners, who ensured that i didn't have to give up 2 weekend's worth of time)  

Okay, blogger is driving me nuts - i have lots more pics but this is all it'll allow me to upload for now.....
:( check tmrw for another update! toodles......


lialuvsblythes said...

She really does like the blankie!! I'd scold her, if she didn't! haha!

Coochies & All said...

Hi Jacq! I've been away for quite a while and was unable to attend and support your stalls - so sorry about that. Judging from the pics here, your handmade goodies look superb and awesome!! Sorry to hear the sales weren't that good, but you should be proud of yourself coz you churn out really really nice stuff and I'm a big fan of your work! Congrats on all the accolades you've been getting, you deserve them girl!! :)
elaine t

Creative B Bee said...

Hi! I just have a suggestion. Hmmmm....I'm not being seller but I always being customer(kekeke..) just wonder why not you put yr handmade goodies in a plastic bag? Its will look tidy and NEW. You know for a customer (especially in S'pore here) even the display set is new but still asking the NEW (still packing in plastic bag).

siti arnie said...

Aww i miss it !! I wouldl ove to come to the event where i can touch feel ur craft work.
I'm a fan of your craft work !!!
Your craft work look