June 17, 2008

[catching up part 2]

more pics of the trip back up north to Tumpat, Kelantan:
Here's the extended family, my aunt, grandma and grandpa. Look at K trying to escape!

More pics of the beach - this is Kuantan - midway between Singapore and Tumpat - on the beach in front of Hyatt Hotel. It's a great hotel by the way - so convenient!
Watching the waves come in....
At my grandparents - G just completed construction of a fire truck!

That obligatory shot of the little one in a makeshift plastic bathing tub :)
The holiday also coincided with the birthdays of V and my dad - the 2 most important men in my life. Happy birthday! And also Happy Father's day to you both! Thank you for being in my life and all that you are and have always been... :)


Creative B Bee said...

Soo....cute yr #2 girl in the tub!

Marr said...

oh mine! The photo of K in the plastic Pail is so classic! Definitely scrap-able! :)

Creative B Bee said...

I notice that now you are one of the MWL designer. Big Congrads!!