June 17, 2008

[catching up]

G playing at the beach - this girl could have stayed on the beach the WHOLE day if you let her!
going to the waves to wash her hands
smoochy smoochy
a very difficult to capture family shot!
running away!

K taking to the water for the very 1st time - she loves it!
with grandparents :)
family shot
say cheese!

Hmm... blogger doesn't allow me to post the pics AFTER the text, so here they are at the beginning :(

Thanks for the encouraging words ladies! Now i know i'm not the only lagging behind blogger... heh heh...
The weekend fair was pretty dismal, not much crowd and pretty bad sales! And to have to stay there the whole 2 days as well... luckily i shared the stall with 2 other crafty friends, and only had to mind the stall for half a day. Well, i'll be doing another weekend this week - for those who missed this one! :) Hopefully there'll be more interested people in the heartlands!
Anyways, pics of that will have to follow.... the following are of my 6 day trip back to the north of Malaysia, to visit my grandparents, who were meeting K for the 1st time. It was quite an arduous trip - 16 hours in total of driving, but split over 2 days. It was still a long time to be cooped up in the car for the 2 little ones, and the constant screaming and crying did take a toll on us adults too. But the stopovers at the hotels along the way, the beach, the time spent with family, the sumptious food, the abundant tropical fruits that were all in season, the looks of joy and happiness in the old folks faces, these more than made up for the long journey back. :)


Creative B Bee said...

Love to see you are 'coming back' on your blog. kekeke

lialuvsblythes said...

been waiting for these pics!! ;)

so sorry for the bad sales last weekend! sms me where you'll be this weekend, and I'll be there!