June 24, 2008

[swaps + G's sketches]

okay, so it's only the blogger.com that's on my mac that works in mysterious ways - it simply refuses to allow me to swap the pics and the words around! anybody with this same problem? Arrggh.....
Owell, these pics are for an ATC swap that's going on now HERE. Sorry i know i'm late on these girls!! They're on the way right NOW! :P

the theme was "relax" and i basically wrote all the ways i did that on the cards...yup, 12 reasons!
The next is a little sketch that G did of me -
That's Me in the picture, with a slightly manical grin, really long arms and note the addition of "high heel shoes"!!! I fell down a few days ago, sprained BOTH ankles (yup, it's possible) and little G has been super sweet abt it all, keep trying to hold my hand when i walk in case i fell again. So basically, i guess the fall really did leave a strong memory as she said she's drawing me before i fell in this picture - with high heels. After that, she told me - i think you should wear flats mummy, no more high heels.. Yup. i agree :P
The funny things she's been saying these days - 
1. Coffee - it's like farmer Fee (that's a character in her fav cartoon - Tractor Tom)
2. i don't want this, nor this Either! (first time she used the words Nor & Either)
3. G's very into telephone conversations nowadays, she loves calling people up - especially her cousin eleyn (who's 6), and they basically have their own little people conversations - so cute!

All K wants to do is bite them!
A very sad story abt the above few pages - these are all made with the brand new "detour" line from OA - i woke up before 6am so that i could have some uninterrupted time working on them this morning. Unfortunately, little K decided that she had to be an early riser too - and was up by 630.... well, to cut the long story short, having a squirmy baby, a cup of hot coffee, and a scrap project all at the same place was a disaster waiting to happen :(
So, i guess i should see the silver lining in this cloud! 
1. No coffee was spilt onto the baby
2. coffee stained scrap projects are very fashionable right? (but can anybody tell me how to get rid of the smell???)
3. i still have the rest of the yummy papers and embellies to play with! 


lialuvsblythes said...

alamak!! The layouts actually look fine in the pic, so probably not all too bad! That happened to me once, don't think I ever recovered. ;)

And those ATCs look gorgeous! Can make a 13th? hee!

meta-lodestar said...

love the atc cards, esp the embellishing!! oh how come cannot see my darling G's face clearly!! gosh i so miss the 2 cuties!! must visit them soon!!!

siti arnie said...

i love the ATC card !!! They are gorgeous