June 25, 2008

[happy pressies]

Here's my latest batch of baby blankies - love how they all look together... so snugly and soft!
I took them down to the pavement just outside of my office to photograph - yup, that's a busstop you see in the background!
close up of them all rolled up :)
Yes, yes, i've been trying to make a few more 'masculine' options, but somehow, even though the base is khaki, they end up all looking more girly than boy boy! :P
doesn't the pink heart remind you of some icing on a cupcake?
another pink-ish one. This time with a row of fine daisy-stitches around the applique.
an abstract "tree" shape
more view of that pavement!
closeup on the heartshape piece - thanks to M for the bunny scraps!
I recently took part in the Functional Felt Swap group at FLICKR, and this is what was sent to me! 
It's lovely in real life and is now following me all over the place as my portable sewing kit... love the subtle colour differences and i love the colour combi! :) Thanks so much K!! :)
Another online friend (whom i met for lunch since she's just moved to Singapore) spoilt me with a little handmade gift! You shouldn't have! I really enjoyed our lunch and it was fun to chat about crafting and little ones over some yummy food! :) - we really should do it again A. 
funny how this blogging world is right - this could never have happened 5 years ago! :)


tessa said...

beautifull blankets!!

Natasja said...

O my gosh!! Love every single one!

painted fish studio said...

i love your blankets, and i'm so happy your functional felt swap item made it! and i am jealous you had lunch with a. i'd love to meet her in person!

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

I love your blankets! The colors are fabulous. For the boy ones maybe you just need to do a more masculine top patch instead of the oval or heart maybe do a star or something.

Great looking swap item from Kleas. It looks snugly. I hope you've enjoyed the Functional Felt Swap, I know I did.

And similar to Painted Fish I'm jealous that you got to meat A in person. She is such a sweetie!

iris said...

Jacq you are amazing! I love them all!!