November 02, 2008


Just a shout out to my local LSS, who are celebrating their 5th (gosh! how time flies when we're having fun) birthday celebrations this month!!!! Do drop by to visit, as we unveil something really cool that i've had the pleasure of playing with - heh heh - here's a little sneak :
O and i'm super excited, as i'll be starting a class there really soon! If you're a scrapper or a crafter, do you always run out of time to scrap? A lot of people that i've spoken to, usually cite having to wait for their little ones to nap / sleep before hitting the scrap table. They ask, how do i manage to scrap or find my scrapping mojo with 2 little ones? Most nights, i'm out when the girls go to bed, so really, i don't find much motivation to get up and scrap into the night (except when there is a dateline!). Mostly, i scrap with G. She's my constant motivation and inspiration. It's an activity that she has never really got tired of doing (since she was about 18months i think). She started off scrapbooking on my lap, as i would do the rubons, stickers etc, she'll look at what i do and would be really quiet. As she grew older, i would let her help with the scrapbooking, holding down the rubons as she does the rubbing (yup, she even has her own rubon tool!), letting her paint the chipboard shapes. Now that she is able to write, she even has a go at the journalling! I love that we're doing this together, it makes scrapping all the more meaningful. For her, i guess it's just great because it means that she has my undivided attention! So, the inspiration for this class is to share what works and what doesn't work with scrapping with little ones. Hopefully, this will allow more mummies out there to scrap even when the little ones are awake!!! :)
Go HERE to check out the class, and i think the actual mini book is up for view in the shop! :)
lots of journalling
fun fun fun!
complete mini album
here is a little sneak :)

Come and PLAY!

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