November 16, 2008

[end of school concert]

G was "mary" in mary had a little lamb at the school concert last friday. As always, it's a thrill to watch your offspring perform on stage, and this year is no exception. She was great, rehearsing many times at home and describing to me all the things she had to do, even down to describing the props! heh..... here are some pics...
Mary and her lambs
The adoring audience :)
Some pics of the 2 before the concert. G was sooo happy to be wearing her "princess" dress, she kept exclaiming spontaneously - don't i look pretty? thanks for making me pretty.. haha.
K is walking really quickly now! She just has to get the hang of putting shoes on!
She likes the dress so much that she's been wearing it at home too!Here is a work in progress of an OA scalloped mini album :
I love thoese felt flowers and the rubons!
They are all over simple, i placed the photo onto the page and cut out the parts that overlapped the scallops
on the other side, i just used little tags or shapes to embellish, and it's really just a place for journalling.These are my scalloped tags! So quick to make - first i goccoed the papers to be cut out, then just run them through the Big Shot machine and voila! Great looking tags for presents. Also, if the design does not cover the whole tag, i find them just the right size for journalling. :)

p.s. anonymous: the wall decals in the girl's room are bought from HERE. i purchased my Gocco machine from EBAY, and the supplies from ETSY. :) Incidentally, shipping from Japan is fantastic! I purchased the goods and it was in Singapore in just 3 days!


sarah said...

what a beautiful project. such great inspiration! :)


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for sharing where you got the decals and gocco machine from! really appreciate it :D love your works!

meta-lodestar said...

Oh! G can still wear the flowergal dress?? Love it :D love the photos and the album :D OH i tagged you. you can choose to do both or just 1 :D have fun!