November 15, 2008

[creative mentions]

While we're on the subject of cross-publicising (is there a better word?), i think i might give a shout out to some of my favorites at etsy as well -
Fabulous fabulous necklaces and other jewellery in felt from TIJUSAI - i always receive a compliment when i'm adorned in her one of a kind jewellery, and they are super unique! :)

These just arrived in the post and i think i'm addicted to getting 'twee' cottagey craft stuff, but don't they look cool in a modern setting? I just merely adhered the crocheted doilies onto patterned paper, and framed them in a cheapo ikea frame. Tada! The best thing about this is that it is created by a 60 yr old grandmama somewhere in the states! :) Visit her site to purchase your customised one today!
For leather goods, i have bought lots of stuff from HERE - they always never fail to impress!
I think i've given a mention before, but SHE makes the most darling notepapers and cards!

Another picture of the girls' room (before it became our home office, but the decor remains). This time with a series of really cool letterpress cards from HERE. The colours are fantastic and i love how these make totally affordable wall art for any room!

So! Get shopping!! :) and of course, i'm still hard at work with churning out new designs in time for the festivities. Stay tuned, i might have something to show tomorrow!


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Anonymous said...

hi Jacq,

may i know where did you get those wall decals? too cute to resist!