November 02, 2008


Some forgotten LOs that i've just dug out from the trusty iphoto. Heh :)
These were of K at 9months
I love this picture of G - i think i've scrapped it more than once!
a perfect day indeed
G and her misadventures with the skipping rope.
ah, can you see how i loved using the JB cards.... so cool! :)
The title of this is "lucky me" - journalling is about my 2 little girls and how lucky i am that they call me mummy.
Oops, i realise that this is the same picture as the one that says '9 months'! haha.. maybe she was 10months when we took this pic.... still as cute! :P
Pics of the pouches that went off last week (yup, all 1 of a kind, every one different!) - boohoo... i need to make more! :) pics of these can be found on my flickr site.

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playfulmeowz said...

Jac, you are indeed lucky (and blessed) to have such beautiful and cute girls. trust they bring you and your hubby much joy!