November 24, 2008


stuffy nose, bad sore throat, all the signs of a flu coming up! Both me and K were under the weather the whole weekend, which didn't make for good company. All we did was just snuggled under the covers and literally slept the day away.... given the stormy weather, it was a real treat to be able to do so! (Thanks V for holding the fort!)
The rest of the weekend was spent getting the tree up (yes, G has started asking if it's Xmas yet!); making a little art bag for a little lady starting school next year (this is a project really dear to my heart, as i LOVED my art classes when i was a kid, so i want to make the PERFECT art bag :); baked some heartshaped muffins; made a little headway into my pile of things to do before xmas! heh heh.....
not much pics due to the stormy weather, but here's some from awhile ago:
what's on my mantle : pots done by me long ago (i really should get back to pottery!); bargain find of a red lamp (i have a set of 3); porcelain bowl filled with mini albums; bunch of xmas decorations in a candle flute; lovely frame made for me by L. :)
On the other side, more pots made by me; framed artwork and our wedding pics; 2 tier bamboo trays from bali; lovely stuffed embroidered hedgehog and bird from HERE.
The 2 of them clowning around..

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playfulmeowz said...

Very nice looking mantle and love the red lamp. btw, the link for the embroidered hedgehog and bird is not working. Maybe you'd like to check? =-)